wind diverterThe Free Flow Wind Diverter (Patent # 5766073) has been proven to control head winds, side winds, and let the barometric pressure flow through. Unstable building conditions that create bad gains are now in the past. The Wind Diverter is and was first built to control head and side winds against exhaust fans.

wind diverter

The Wind Diverter has proven its ability to reduce the number of fans needed to exhaust a building on spring, fall, and winter days. For those hot summer days, when all your fans will be running and the wind is blowing, you might ask, "How much exhaust am I really getting for my money?" Stop the unnecessary waste of energy with The Wind Diverter and get the exhaust performance and air quality you have been paying for. Air quality is a deciding factor in the control of disease and growth rate of your plants and animals, as well as making a better working environment for your employees

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