Free Flow Wind Diverter

The Free Flow Wind Diverter (Patent # 5766073) has been proven to control head winds, side winds, and let the barometric pressure flow through. Unstable building conditions that create bad gains are now in the past.

Wind and Exhaust

The Wind Diverter is and was first built to control head and side winds against exhaust fans. The Wind Diverter has proven its ability to reduce the number of fans needed to exhaust a building on
 spring, fall, and winter days. For those hot summer days, when all your fans will be running and the wind is blowing, you might ask, "How much exhaust am I really getting for my money?" Stop the unnecessary waste of energy with The Wind Diverter and get the exhaust performance and air quality you have been paying for. Air quality is a deciding factor in the control of disease and growth rate of your plants and animals, as well as making a better working environment for your employees.

Odor control

Air quality is tested in parts per million. Fans exhaust in a circular motion developing a cyclonic movement of air. This circular motion allows the exhausted air to channel across the country side for 2 to 3 miles without properly dissipating to an acceptable level of parts per million. The O'Kelley Mfg. Wind Diverter destroys this channel by dividing the exhaust into upper and lower dispersals, exhausting the top half higher and lowering the part per million much sooner. The lower half allows the animal or plant odor ( be it dandruff, feathers, or dust) to be exhausted toward the ground to settle, thus reducing the odor carrying properties and reducing the parts per million for air quality.

Light Sensitive

The Wind Diverter has proven to be beneficial and cost effective in areas where the reduction of sunlight is necessary in poultry and plant production. The Wind Diverter is cost effective because installation and maintenance are at a minimum. Maintenance is kept at a minimum because the wind diverter does not use a light filter to control external light, thus eliminating costly cleaning and loss of air flow.

The Wind Diverter

As you can see, The Wind Diverter is an essential part of an exhaust system. It saves time, money, and makes your buildings air flow predictable. The Wind Diverter is the simplest and most economical product you can purchase to gain control on the essential problems of wind, odor, and light. Producers who know, trust The Wind Diverter

Technical Specs

We offer the Wind Diverter in 8 standard sizes. 48, 36 ,24, 16, 14, 12, 9, and 8. In addition we can custom make the diverter to meet your fan specifications.

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